Our Vision

To be the most effective, efficient, and expressive labor organization in the freight rail industry.

About Us

This SC shall be maintained for the purpose of facilitating the work of the Organization of Electrical Workers, apprentices and helpers, for the perfection of the Organization and for the means by which the work shall be handled for the interests of those employed in our branch of the craft and in keeping each member informed of all conditions in which we are interested. This body recognizes the necessity of establishing a closer affiliation and to this end we pledge ourselves; to labor unitedly in behalf of the principles herein set forth and to perpetuate the permanency of a concrete organization which shall have for its object the uplift of all Electrical Workers, and, believing as we do, that our individual local efforts are no longer sufficient to afford us the protection necessary to our success.

Local Unions

Collectively, thirty two locals of the System Council No. 6 represent the IBEW membership along geographic areas based upon each local union’s by-laws. Most representational activities on behalf of the membership are initiated on the local level.

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System Council

Council jurisdiction is structured by differing Carrier line of roads across the country. Each Council handles advancement of representational and contractual activities for its Locals.

IBEW Railroad Department

Located at the IBEW International Office in Washington, D. C., the Director is appointed by the International President to oversee matters such as national negotiations, insurance oversight, and related rail issues.

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